Monday, November 11, 2019


Cleanliness is what meets our eyes. Cleanliness is also what meets our nose. Today cleanliness is also what we do not see. The place, the home, the interior of an office, hotel or even the office may appear clean. 

Is it actually clean? If so, where did the words #SICK #BUILDING #SYNDROME surface from? Just because we do not see any dirt, does that mean that that interior space is harmless? Microscopic particles such as dust, dust mite feces, pet dander, pollen, spores, bacteria, and so many other too small to be seen particulates fill the interior space of people occupied premises. 

All and some of these have differing effects on people's well being and can be just temporary and gone or be of repetitive recurrences or even dramatic enough to warrant hospitalisation and in some cases even death. People with poorer immunity, respiratory related short coming, asthmatics and allergen prone are among the worst of suffering indoor beings. 

Image result for cleaning your indoors Broadly categorised as #indoor #air #pollution, enough reports and studies have confirmed that #indoor #air #pollution is many times worse off than #outdoor #air #pollution. Modern architecture has adopted a concealed indoor approach for purposes of energy saving. That approach as also curtailed #air #flow and #air #exchange. This has resulted in indoor accumulates of all sorts of "debris". 

Whatever that came in from the outside as dust, pollen or from upon people's wear remains indoors. 

Our #indoor #cleaning #processes are also culprits adding to ruined #indoor #air. Heading the list is the almost daily used brooms and vacuum cleaners. Brooms stir the settled off the floor into indoor space. These floats remain air borne for hours and people traffic keep them air borne for hours. Secondly vacuum cleaners contribute immensely to #indoor #air #pollution. What they pick up as the "smaller but heavier" particles off the carpet, sofa, cushions, pillows, upholstery and mattresses do not get to be retained within but expelled via the exhaust back into the air. What the brooms and vacuum cleaners throw into indoor air space gets inhaled. Add to these what flies out and off the filters in air purifiers and air conditioners.  

Is that all? All that we spoke of are "countable" "invisible" particulates. There is more. These are also invisible. These are what we bring into our homes and occupied space through cleaning agents, aerosols, furniture and indoor decorative. The liberated gas, fume and vapour off the chemicals used and included in these products is unbelievable. Referred to as #volatile #organic #compounds and used by manufacturers, leave excessive off gas indoors. These get inhaled in our occupied indoor hours.  

Image result for sick building syndromeWe actually no longer have #safe and #healthy #indoor #hours. Today our lives are #indoor #life. We no longer spend more than 10 to 20% of a typical day, outdoors. Add your sleep hours to office hours to travel hours and mall hours and you will know what it is that you are breathing. You will know why #indoor #air is taking its toll on #indoor #occupants. .         

A 60 minutes in-door demonstration illustrates status of indoor air quality within homes, and what one could do to minimise air borne pollutes. In adduition, families come to understand why bedrooms are the worst polluted at homes, know the causes and how to correct. Kuala Lumpur and Selangor families may call 

K.Thiru at 016-3712762. Families in the other states of Malaysia may also call to schedule suitable dates and the hour. 

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