Wednesday, November 15, 2017


 Some of us have experienced some form of eczema or have loved ones living with eczema. We need to understand the importance of identifying the cause factors and rid, reduce or avoid its presence in order not to trigger eczema.
All too often we blame dust mite bites as the cause of eczema. Our air is also a trigger. This is even more true for the air in our homes. Here are a few ways the air in your home could be affecting your eczema and causing flare-ups:
The air in your home has more chemicals than you think. These chemicals are often referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are in a variety of home used aerosols, cleaning agents and plenty of other products. They are commonly                                                                               identified to be Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Acetone. 
                                                                                    They are also in in paint and household furniture. 
                                                                                 Exposure to VOCs can damage your skin’s natural 
                                                                               protective barrier, causing dry skin and inflammation.

Dust is everywhere within home including within the air that we breathe. How could air be contributing to eczema. We now know air is the carrier of VOC's mentioned above, Dust and dust mites fill the home indoor air. Dust and dust mites irritate the skin. The VOC's deplete the skin 's protection giving way for dust mites to initiate bacterial infection. The common cleaning techniques to get rid of dust, do more harm than good.

Poor Ventilation
Indoor air is the "dirtiest air" and can be anything from five to ten time more polluted than outdoors. Modern homes have stopped allowing inflow and outflow of air. Ventilation is nil. Blame it on architecture. It is important to keep air exchanged all the time. Trapped indoor air is filled with chemicals, VOC's, dust, dust mites and other air borne particulates.

These are the common trigger factor of eczema flare ups.

You need about 60 to 90 minutes to know what needs doing?
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Request for a VIVENSO home demonstration. VIVENSO with only two quarts of water, does cleaning of indoor air especially within all the bedrooms, helps clean all the mattresses, recondition all the pillows, help out in a range of household cleaning tasks and more. VIVENSO does not pollute the indoor air. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

#VIVENSO      ....... An Amazing Machine 

Here are some facts why owners have loved the VIVENSO from Germany. 

The VIVENSO performs indoors, what Mother Nature does outdoors. Mother Nature uses water to keep the air in the outdoor environment, washed regularly with mist, dew and thunderstorms. 
#VIVENSO duplicates Mother nature indoors.  
  • We all know that "wet dust can't fly".  
  • When the air indoors is drawn into the basin of water in the VIVENSO machine. When the drawn in air hits the water, all of the dust content and other air borne pollutes gets trapped.
  • In doing so, we reduce the dust, pollutes and allergen content in the air. All dust is trapped and no pollutes or particulates escape VIVENSO
  • The VIVENSO total home cleaning system is many international award winner and has been certified by Home Appliances Manufacturers as an air cleaner cum air purifier that removes dust, allergens, smoke and other air borne pollutes and all forms of dirt and filth from the home and fittings. 
  • The VIVENSO is a multiple functions home use appliance and is a great .  vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming fixtures, fittings and the floor, the indoor air gets cleaned at the same time. 

  • The VIVENSO as a complete home cleaning system not only vacuums many times better, but also can clean, purify, sanitize and medicate the air in the home.
  • The VIVENSO is an excellent mattress cleaner, drawing away from it the dust mites, dust mites droppings, pet furs, our dead skin cells and other pollutes. 
  • The VIVENSO attachments that can help sweep daily. As and when necessary, use the Rainbow attachment are plenty with a wide variety of functions delivering different benefits.  

  • VIVENSO requires only two quarts of water, to do the sorts of cleaning as mentioned above. In comparison, water is less expensive than bags in vacuum cleaners. Also, the dirty water is disposed off every time, compared to vacuums with bags, which are not disposed off after each cleaning session. With VIVENSO, dust and dirt are emptied after each cleaning, while the dry type vacuums, dirt dust are stored in your closet for weeks or months on end in the bags or filters.
  • VIVENSO has a shelf life exceeding 25 years when well taken care of. 
A VIVENSO demonstration is available on request for families to witness all of the above and get first hand exposure to the amazing VIVENSO
Selangor families may call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762. 

Friday, March 31, 2017


We all know that people are not born with allergies.
We also know that we become ALLERGIC TO as a result of ourselves coming into contact with allergens. Upon contact with what our body or our system rejects, allergic symptoms generally occur quickly after exposure, can take many forms and can be of differing levels of severity.

Allergic reactions vary from individual to individual and its effect, severity and duration can depend on the person, his health status and even the age. Allergies are always unpleasant, unless the source is immediately known, treatment time can drag, and is capable of triggering its own side effects, making treatment a difficult progress.

Our body has its own immunity factor. When that gets altered or it succumbs to foreign allergens, allergies result. Allergy reactions can be the common kind like fever, allergic asthma, food allergies and sometimes even prescribed drug allergies. There are the difficult types like peeling eczema-like rash called "contact dermatitis" and is triggered when an allergen comes into contact with the skin. This type of reaction is much slower and usually takes two days to become obvious.

There are cases of inherited genes which can cause a person to become "atopic", the term used for people who have a tendency to develop allergies. People who develop one allergy are more likely to develop others.

House dust mites, which grow in warm, humid and dusty environments, are the source of one of the most powerful biological allergens; and some mould species also contain allergens.
The following symptoms generally occur quickly after exposure and reactions vary in severity. Coughing,Wheezing,Shortness of breath,Sneezing, skin rashes, Red, itchy and swollen eyes, and Flushed face are the common ones..

When allergy reactions show, do not wait. Consult your doctor. Let your doctor assess the severity of your condition. You may even require medicine to control your reactions.

Regularly water wash your indoor air ( we show you how to) and do not sweep the floor, but water wash your floor ( we show you how to) and water wash all your mattresses, bedroom drapery, cushions, curtains and at large the entire home interior.... all with water, without getting anything wet.

Indoor hygiene and cleanliness is one way to keep allergens out of your way. 

Request a VIVENSO home demonstration. This is available on request for families in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to get first hand exposure to the amazing VIVENSO. Call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762. 

  • VIVENSO with only two quarts of water, does cleaning of indoor air especially within all the bedrooms, helps clean all the mattresses, recondition all the pillows, help out in a range of household cleaning tasks and more. Water is less expensive than changing bags in vacuum cleaners. VIVENSO does not pollute the indoor air, unlike the bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners. g session. With VIVENSO, dust and dirt are emptied very conveniently after each cleaning. VIVENSO has a shelf life exceeding 25 years when well taken care of. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


         We spend our life up to 80% of our time indoors.

YET! the quality of the indoor air that we breathe indoors is often not as high as that found outdoors. All too often, indoor air is tainted by allergens and pollutants that can cause discomfort, affect our health and our quality of life.

Modern technology provides us with a range of air cleansing devices that can improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors. Whether our need is for warm or cold air, high or low humidity, to remove odours or allergy inducing particles from the air, or any combination of these, then appropriate air cleansing devices are available.

Clean air is beneficial, not just to our health but to our well-being.

Air Purity

Air purity is often tainted by smells and odours - 
from cooking, from aerosols, from smoking, from pets, from cleaning agents, from lack of ventilation,exchange, circulation and more.

Airborne particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, mites droppings, bacteria, viruses, micro organisms and more fill the indoor air and induce allergic reactions such as asthma and hay fever.

Excess moisture in the air can encourage mold growth, mildew and an increase in dust mites, all of which heighten the risk of allergic reactions.

High humidity can also cause personal discomfort through perspiration during warm weather, as well as other side effects like putting musical instruments out of tune quickly, shorting electrical appliances, and rotting furniture and structural materials.

There are solutions to all these air purity problems. 
Air conditioners, air purifiers and cleaners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers all assist in improving air filtration and cleanliness and the quality of the air we breathe.

Air Cleaning
Called by any name, air cleaning, air purifying, air filtering, air washing or air treatment ......the end result is the same. Getting rid of air borne pollutes and particulates, toxins, fumes and vapours from the indoor air is the intent.

Most equipments are filters oriented, which upon allowing air to pass through it trap physical air pollutes and particulates. Fumes, gases, vapour and such pass through. Filters need regular cleansing or replacements. Neglecting to do so, leads to worsening further the indoor air with bred bacteria, germs and micro organisms. 

Water has remained nature's best cleanser given to mankind. Nature cleans the outdoor air of its impurity content with mist,dew,rain and shower. Duplicate this effect, and use water to clean the indoor air content.

With Pro Aqua's #VIVENSO, 2 litres of water does the trick. #VIVENSO creates an artificial thunderstorm within its basin, draws 100 cubic feet of the indoor air per second and washes it off its pollutes. When washed in the water, WET DUST AND PARTICULATES gets arrested, while VAPOUR, GASES, TOXINS AND FUMES get got rid off from the air. Fresh, water washed air circulates indoors, when #VIVENSO is put to use.

Malaysian families residing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor may call K Thiru at 016-3712762 for complimentary BEDROOM AIR CLEANING sessions.
Have a fantastic #VIVENSO discovery and indoor air 
and reality restoration, discussion session


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


YOUR POLLUTED BEDROOM AIR!!                                (part 1)
Although the bedroom is supposed to be a place of rest and rejuvenation, the air quality in the average bedroom is poor and sometimes toxic. 
The standard mattress releases gases of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. This can go on for years after purchase. 
Most people have no idea that they are sleeping on a mattress of synthetic materials and often manufactures with formaldehyde and various carcinogenic chemicals.                                            

 Your bed may be making you sick. Needless to say that our largest organ, the skin will absorb whatever we’re sleeping on. We also breath in the chemicals in bedding and furniture. Pesticides, herbicides, fire retardants, and stain-resistant solvents are routinely used to manufacture bedding. Wood bed frames may be treated with paint or stain. Metal frames may be treated with chemicals to keep them from rusting. Sheets and blankets advertised as Wrinkle Free indicate the presence of additional chemicals.                                                                                                                                          
Your synthetic mattress is the single biggest contributor to poor air quality in your bedroom. Synthetic polyurethane,  pillows, mattress, sofas, and chairs, is made from petrochemicals that are carcinogenic. If this material was to burn, it is incredibly toxic. There are countries with laws that require manufacturers of beds and bedding to treat their products with flame retardants. All of this contributes to the poor air quality of your bedroom.                                                                          Continued in part 2.

Malaysian families residing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor may call K Thiru at 016-3712762 for complimentary BEDROOM MATTRESS (and an AIR CLEANING session. Have a fantastic #VIVENSO discovery and indoor air and reality restoration, discussion session                       




In case you did not know about the danger of flame retardants, let me share with you some quick know-how. 

Poly- brominate diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs for short, are commonly used fire retardants. As a class they tend to be toxic and endocrine disruptors. They also disrupt the brains of developing fetuses. The retardants escape from foam cushions as household dust. 
They have been found in tissues of people as well as accumulating in breast tissue. With all these problems, furniture manufacturers do not reveal what is in their products and even if you were to try   to get exact information about materials, you will get vague claims about their materials being natural and green and  enviro-friendly, all of which are assuring to the ears but not good health.                    

People have experience bad headaches after one night's sleep on new mattress or even liquid air fresheners. Can you imagine six to eight hours or so of breathing toxins. In general it is a good practice to encase your bed (and pillows) with a cotton barrier. You may be thinking that plastic would be better, but plastic will also out gas. A cotton barrier will reduce mattress emissions, dust mites, and allergens from the air. If your bed frame is treated with some sort of paint or stain, consider a sealant.  

One way to improve indoor air quality is to use a natural air purifier.  These are especially good for people that experience breathing problems or sleep apnea. As materials age, they release chemicals into the air that irritate the airway.                                                                                                                                                           
If you’re looking to buy a new bed, there are many green varieties available in organic cotton, wool, and natural latex. Another alternative is to buy a used mattress. Used mattresses have out gassed most of their chemicals. If you decide to buy a natural mattress, specify organic wool. If your bed is made of particleboard, it is definitely releasing formaldehyde.                                                                                                                                  
Needless to say, air quality can affect the quality of sleep you get. Air fresheners, dirty air filters, and even candles contribute to the air pollution of your bedroom. If you notice you don’t breath well in your bedroom or that you sneeze, cough, or your sinuses generally become irritated, consider getting an air purifier. The newer models are quiet and you’ll be amazed at how better rested you’ll be. You may also find that your allergies improve. Candles have been in use for a long time in bedrooms, especially the kind with aromas. You may get the aroma, but do remember that the longer the candle burns, the lesser the oxygen content in the air.                 

Look for mattresses and bedding that are made from natural products such as latex and watch for labels that claim to be stain resistant or wrinkle free. That means the bedding has been treated with chemicals. Lastly, if you have bought new furniture and do get synthetic smells, let them sit in the garage for a few days. It will go a long way in helping to reduce the amount of indoor air pollution. Many consumers may not be aware that formaldehyde, a toxin and carcinogen commonly used in the embalming process, is also one of the most common ingredients in many materials that make up a normal home.

Malaysian families residing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor may call K Thiru at 016-3712762 for complimentary BEDROOM AIR (and ONE MATTRESS)CLEANING session. 
Have a fantastic #VIVENSO discovery and indoor air and reality restoration, discussion.