Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We as parents need to make sure that the air in our homes is safe and healthy for our children and the family as a whole. Within the comfort of our home is air that we breathe to keep us all alive, vibrant and kicking. 
Air at home is full of allergens. These are allergens like dust and pollutes including an assortment of gases that cam in from the outside world into the home as well as what we created from within like from the kitchen gas stove, our perfume sprays; insecticides and so on  without forgetting the indoor air sprays. 
It is proper to include the traditional vacuum cleaners with bags as well, for every time they are put to use, plenty of fine and rotting dust with bacteria gets spilled in the air via the exhaust.
Children and elderly including the sick or bedridden are the first lot of victims of indoor pollution. Added to this are stay home mothers. Their hours indoors at home can be in the range 16 to 24 hours daily. 
Being the indoor group of people, they remain susceptible to dust, pollutes and not only even stale rotting air but also of little oxygen content. This is so because almost all homes today remain totally closed and lack ventilation, air circulation and air exchange. 
Children's airways are small and that of the elderly and sick are weak and blocked over the years. In the airways of these people, dust and irritants cause problems such as inflammations and irritations. To minimise this problem or to do away, parents can take positive action to help alleviate as much of the  allergens in their homes.
Cleaning has been the tradition and it does help keep our homes clean and trying to rid allergens. One thing is, even when we use rags to wipe or dusters to dust or even vacuum, we are stirring up those very allergens that we are trying to get rid of. In fact we stir them from rest and spill into the air. 
A real great thing that parents can do in their battle against all these nasty allergens is to use air purifiers. There are many options available, but many trust are humidifiers and or  air purifiers.   The now available  water based air purifiers not only help keep the air from drying, but also rid the air of dust, pollutes, toxins and allergens. These water based air purifiers not only keeps the air in your home healthy, but double up in functions within the home. 
Dust, mites, mold, pet dander, pollen  and such other air debris can cause watery eyesskin irritation, rashes, chest congestion,stuffy nose, coughs and throat irritations.  Pollution experts and medical physicians are now in common conclusion that the solution to the problem of many of these irritants is reducing the pollutants in the air people breathe. 
Air purifiers are easy to upkeep and maintain.  This will ease the child's and family inhalation at home and also reduce incidences of asthmatic attacks . Everybody enjoys better breathing and sleeping at night.  HEPA filters help remove up to 99% of dust and airborne allergens. 
Mor and more people spend up to o 90% of their time and life  indoors.  It is a known fact and authorities like the The Environmental Protection Agency estimate that on average, indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Those who suffer from allergies and other breathing disorders are challenged to find effective ways to clean the air that they breathe within their home environment. Air purifiers are designed to eliminate impurities in the air, even those impurities which are so microscopic they are impossible to see.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


WE do everything we can to protect our children from harm. We keep things safely away from their reach or tugs. We ensure electrical switches are out of bounds, hot items out of reach and touch and a whole lot more things as they grow. 

Our children's growing starts early in the womb and arriving home cradled in the mother's hands, they really look fragile. As they grow, roll over, crawl, stumble as they learn to walk, run and start climbing over the years until nursery or primary school, our child's life is up to 90% indoors. 

Indoors is where the harm begins. Life's most harmful particles are all within home. Invisible to our eyes, dust is the number one cause of a host of life's ailments.Studies have shown that bedroom pollution has peaked to the extent of crossing the blood barriers and affecting baby in the womb as well. 

When baby comes home, baby is exposed to dust inhalation with other pollutes, mites from mattress and mites dander. Dust mites reside on bed spreads; mattress, sofas, curtains, and all other areas in the house including the roll and play mats spread on the floor. 

They cause allergic reactions on babies skin and affects respiratory health as well. Any amount of conventional cleaning and vacuuming is not going to remove these allergens out of the house. To rid dust, mites, mites droppings and pollutes from surfaces of bed spreads and mattress, you would need to be innovative with your cleaning methods. 

A highly efficient cleaner fitted with a HEPA helps trap up to 99.9% of particles, which means dust mites, bacteria and other harmful pollutes and particles are removed. The new method allows for trappings of dust and dirt in water instead of dust bags. WET DUST CANNOT FLY. 

This method means that you need not worry about bags availability or need to continuously buy bags. With water, you get no clogging and blockages in the system, and dispensing the dirt into drains is easier. Suction is consistent; powerful suction is maintained the entire cleaning process, and elimination of dirt and dust is effective. 

Make the change to clean the home interior including the air within, which is important to all who are home bound for many hours of the day, daily. 

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