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As you search for information pertaining to the Rainbow vacuums online, you will find the product attached to a history dating back more than 80 years.

Starting with the birth of an invention called the Separator, John W. Newcombe created a machine that had the ability to separate dust and other materials from the air.In 1926, the Separator received attention from a man by the name of Leslie H. Green, who felt the product could serve a purpose in the home setting.Combining forces, Newcombe and Green were able to construct the first bagless cleaner in 1927.

The Rexair vacuum cleaner corporation was established in 1929, which essentially translated into "King of the Air." Seven years later, the company was met with the efforts of T. Russ Hill, who brought along his ideas of incorporating water into the Rainbow vacuum cleaner design to catch dust and dirt.

Ever since, the Rainbow model has utilized the power of water in their product line.
Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Popular Models

Rainbow cleaners have been marketed as a commanding machine that uses advanced techniques to rid households of their worst cleaning nightmares.

New and used popular vacuums with the public include the D2, D3, D4, and E2 models.

With a strong motor accompanied by a two-speed power control, users are able to effectively utilize additional tools and features to clean their home.

A convenient power nozzle with adjustable height; trigger control; stainless steel wands; water bath filtration; and HEPA neutralizer filtration are just some of the things that consumers may look forward to with their Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

A variety of tools also supplement the power and efficiency of the Rainbow cleaners, including a dusting brush, crevice tool, as well as a floor and wall brush. An attachment caddy keeps all tools safe and sound.
Advantages Of Rainbow Vacuums

  • One of the main advantages associated with Rainbow vacuum cleaners is that the use of water sets their product aside from others on the market.The typical vacuum cleaner comes with a porous bag that collects the dirt extracted from carpets and floors.After the first few moments of a vacuum bag's life, the effectiveness is marred because dirt begins to clog the tiny holes located within.The airflow becomes compromised and dust is shot back into the room in different ways.
  • But with the Rainbow E2 and other models, water is used to capture dirt and contain it within a reservoir. Once cleaning is complete, the reservoir, which is rather lightweight, can be emptied and reused. 
  • Since the reservoir is the only part of the vacuum that collects unwanted materials from carpets, floors and beyond, this means no more vacuum cleaner bags. Many consumers enjoy the fact that they don’t have to rush to the store to purchase these items for their vacuum cleaner anymore. The water filtration system of Rainbow vacuum cleaners traps close to 100% of the typical amounts of household dirt.
  • Allergy sufferers truly benefit from the use of Rainbow products because the water washes the dirt from the air stream that releases back into the atmosphere. This means less sneezing, less allergic reactions, and less choking from dusty rooms that usual vacuum cleaners tend to create. Not only allergy sufferers benefit from the features and capabilities associated with the Rainbow line of products. The HEPA Neutralizer has the ability to trap particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • Fungal spores, ragweed pollen, pet dander, bacteria staphylococcus, mold spores, and dust mite residue is eliminated in the process. Other common household irritants are also eradicated with the use of a Rainbow cleaner.
  • By pairing the water filtration and HEPA neutralizing components, many praise Rainbow products as being one of the leaders of clean air products in the industry.
  • Consumers also enjoy the variety of scent choices that come with the Rainbow fragrance kit, which provides 2-ounce bottles that accommodate all vacuums in the line. Rooms have the potential to showcase the odors of pine, apple, gardenia, and lemon. Getting a hold of such products are rather easy, as the company provides a wide-range of Rainbow parts, including brush rolls, pans, belts, cords, motors, hoses, wheels, and attachments.
  • Overall, Rainbow vacuum cleaners combine the power of air with the muscle of water creates a cleaning machine that efficiently satisfies the needs of a household.

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Tom Leavitt - About the Author:
Mr. Leavitt is a former, fifteen year, award winning Rainbow distributor.

The Rainbow Vacuum - Relief for Allergy Sufferers   
                                                                                                                   Posted: Jan 09, 2009

The Rainbow vacuum is unique in the fact that it is the only truly hypoallergenic vacuum in the world. Most allergists (allergy doctors) will write a prescription for their patients with allergies so that they might be able to purchase a Rainbow vacuum. Here is why.                                                                         All bag / filter vacuum cleaners have millions of holes in the bag / filter; if the bag didn't have holes, it would blow up as air and dirt was sucked into it. Vacuums which use filters are even worse. They have twice  as many holes! The tiny holes in vacuum bags and filters allow the very fine and microscopic particles of dust and dirt to exit those holes and reenter the air. They float in the air for up to four hours and then fall back down on to the furniture, bedding, and floors...the same areas that you supposedly just cleaned!                                                                                                                                             This is the problem with both conventional bag and filter vacuums. They cannot keep the number one allergy causing agent from re-entering the air when a person vacuums. This number one allergy causing agent which is in all homes that do not have a Rainbow vacuum comes from our furniture, bedding, rugs, carpeting, and even our children's stuffed toys. Our bodies are constantly shedding the outer layer of skin; from our legs, face, arms and all other parts of our bodies. Most of this discarded human skin is found on our furniture, bedding, rugs, carpeting and most certainly on any pillows that we use. It is not the human skin that causes allergies. Rather, it is a nasty creature called the dust mite who lives by eating our dead skin. Therefore, wherever we shed our skin, we will find millions of dust mites inhabiting those areas. To make matters worse, these tiny microscopic creatures (40,000 can fit on one speck of dust) go to the bathroom and release their fecal matter throughout the day. Then, we breathe in this fecal matter which is being released by millions of dust mites. This is what poses a tremendous health problem for both the individual who has allergies and babies, toddlers and children who play on the carpeting and rugs or with their stuffed animals and then go to bed with these dust mites.            Medical researchers state that dust mites and their fecal matter are the number one trigger for allergy attacks in people who have allergies. They are also the number one agent which cause toddlers and young children to become new allergy sufferers. The main problem is that babies and infants go from crawling on the carpeting to walking and playing at the level of the furniture, and when they retire to their beds at night, they go to sleep in the same conditions.  
There is a solution to this terrible problem. It is called the Rainbow vacuum. Studies have repeatedly shown that when we clean our furniture, carpeting, and even our bedding and pillows with the Rainbow vacuum, the dust mites and their fecal matter will be removed and trapped inside the water of the 
Rainbow's water basin. This water replaces the traditional vacuum bag or filter. The water traps 99.997 percent of all dust, dirt, dust mites and dust mite fecal matter in the water, and it cannot re-enter the air. Water does not have any holes like conventional vacuum bags and filters.                                                                                          Every time you use the Rainbow, you will be effectively removing all  of the dust, dirt, dust mites and their fecal matter. They will be trapped in the water basin, never to re-enter your air again, because you will simply dump out the water. When you choose to vacuum a standard average home with a Rainbow vacuum 2 or more times per week (including your bedding and pillows), you will have removed almost all allergy causing agents from your carpeting, furniture and bedding. Then, you simply continue to use the Rainbow as many times and as often weekly to keep the new skin-eating creatures from your home. Allergy sufferer? Suffer no more when you use the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner!

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