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How Does Air Pollution Affect Eyes 

Today, the air is no longer what it was 30 or 50 years ago. #AIR #POLLUTION has been around for centuries. Today however, we have "no more air" but "AIR POLLUTION" in its abundance. 

Today, air pollution is a mix of so much airborne invisible particles, invisible fumes of gases and chemicals and a potpourri of "literally" any thing that can get air borne. These air filled content are an assortment of allergens and factors that can trigger annoying eyes related symptoms. 

You may ask what could possibly fill the air with. It can range from dust to 
dander from pets, mites and other animals, fungi spores., mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, fumes, gas and vapour off cleaning agents, aerosols, furniture glue, stove gas  and the list is endless. 
Watery eyes can occur when the body makes more tears. Watery eyes may happen naturally in response to emotions, to cold, to a windy weather to an unwelcome area of air filled irritants and so on.  

Red eyes is common with bad air polluted locations. Poor eyes health can have many causes. It can be from allergens, allergies, infections and eye contact with lens and linen of bed sheet and pillows. Maybe it is a blocked tear duct. 

Complications from dry eyes or eye irritation can trigger the release of a large amount of tears in an attempt to lubricate your eyes. The excess tears are also the cause of watery eyes. 

If watery eyes don't resolve on their own, consult an eye doctor who can help determine and treat the cause.

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How Does Air Pollution Affect Eyes

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