Saturday, March 7, 2009

Healthy Kitchen.

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Where do you think is life healthier and the air cleaner? 
Is it while you are busy cooking in a kitchen?  
or walking through the streets of a city centre?
or is it while asleep in your bedroom?
or while you are in the living room?  

Which of the above locations is likely to be contaminated with dust, pollutes and air borne toxins?  

There are enough studies and clinical documents to support and substantiate that indoor air pollution is far more toxic and more noxious than the air outside of the house. An ugly truth is that we make indoor air even worse with use of air fresheners, strong detergents and cleaning products, toxins off wall paints, polishes, varnish, fumes and vapour off electrical products and the list is seemingly endless. Also permitting the continuous indoor build up of polluted air is modern architecture that has sealed off the entire interior of home from the outside world. This has cut off the element of the needed air circulation and essential air ventilation.

Air samples studied by scientists show over and over again that high levels of gases, nitrogen dioxide, and highly toxic carbon monoxide is found in kitchens with gas stoves and ovens. It is these unseen levels of air pollution, that initially affects. Gradually it is "immunity" and tolerance for a while. However body tolerance gives way and a whole series of health complications settles in. The biggest risks are faced by stay home mothers, children, elders and people with respiratory  and cardiovascular problems. 

In respect of indoor air pollution, toxic gases, and pollutes like volatile organic compounds and air borne minute solid particles, these tend to find their way into the lungs and even the placenta of pregnant women. Autism is  suspected  in children exposed to indoor air pollution. 

We and our family members spend up to 90% or more of our time indoors within our home. We all have failed to think about and act to remedy the effects of indoor air pollution on our health. As mentioned above, our air tight homes are toxic cages binding us within and creating impacts on our health. 
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We need to have our indoor air washed regularly. 
With about 3 liters of water in a basin, the VIVENSO Home Cleaning System draws the air within its  system washes air, and when necessary can also help to sanitise or even medicate a room with eucalyptus. 

To know a VIVENSO better, understand its multitude of home keeping functions, and witness a presentation mixed with demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762.

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