Friday, June 7, 2019

What is the primary cause and reason or reasons for #INDOOR #AIR #POLLUTION ?

Compared to the outside world, why did INDOOR AIR POLLUTION come to be five to ten times more than the OUTDOOR AIR POLLUTION?.
Why does this fact stand to be true of bedrooms, home, offices and malls?

Many studies have repeatedly shown and proven that indoor pollution is up to 5 or even reaching 10 times more polluted than than outside air. This does surprise many. For all the motor vehicles filling the roads and the industries expelling so much of smoke into the air, how could one reason that indoor air is worse off than outdoor air.

Strangely enough, that is the truth. 
Mother nature almost daily and faithfully washes the outdoor air with mist,rain, shower and dew everyday. Wind and breeze facilitates air exchange and air content dilution. Indoors is a totally different story.   

Look at modern architecture. We live in sealed concretely boxed walls and limited doors and windows, "thankfully" to modern architecture. Over and above their short sighted approach, we we fail to open these limited windows and doors. We do not allow for air ventilation and air exchange. All that we expire remains within. Oxygen is used up. Carbon dioxide gets built up. In addition humidity increases within the building. You can add to that poor air quality that we help generate from within. We have allowed for off gases coming off wall paints, furniture varnish; aerosols; pesticides; insecticides; fragrances; perfumes; poorly maintained air conditioners, not cleaned ducts; sick vacuum cleaners; cleaning detergents; equipment and so much more. 
We live in concentrated traps of gases, fumes, toxins, dust and pollutes.                                                             
By not allowing outdoor air inside, we have increased content of all kinds of pollutes in the indoor air. We never allowed for air exchange and air content dilution. The humidity build up that we allowed enabled bacterial breeding as well.                                                                                                      

From what you read below, you can make educated choices and guesses about your indoor health scenario. Check the sources. Practice corrective measures. Choose to live healthy. We spend more time indoors in home and office. 
This list is a mix of notes related to home and office. Read each carefully.
  1. At home gas, kerosene and wood burning stoves liberate gases and smoke into the indoor environment and remain trapped indoors.
  2. Materials used within buildings as for construction, partitions and  finishing also liberate gases. Wet damp floors and carpets have nauseating smell. Wall paints are culprits. Asbestos materials are also bad.
  3. Furniture varnishes, pressed wood products and plywood materials also pollute the air.    
  4. In the office environment copying machines, printers, adhesives; carpet; computers and correction fluids, air conditioners, vents and ducting add all kinds of fumes and odour to indoor air pollution. 
  5. Cleaning and maintenance materials, sprays, detergents, insectide or pesticide aerosols also add pollutes to indoor air.
  6. Innumerable other sources of pollutes abound indoors.   
Image result for water dropWater is known as an universal cleanser. Nature uses rain, mist and dew to wash air in the outside world. Man has imitated nature and now with hydro cleaners we can clean indoor air and trap floating dust particles, fumes and other pollutes from the air. These hydro cleaners are known to remove stench or cigarette smell from the air as well. These hydro cleaners are far more efficient and yet economical in comparison to air purifiers or cleaners with filters.   

  • KUALA LUMPUR and SELANGOR families can learn how to keep the indoor air, furnitures, fittings, mattresses and the floor and walls washed with water. This no obligation demonstration illustrates what family members breathe and live with indoors within the home and especially their bedrooms.               Kindly contact K Thiruselvam @ 016-3712762  

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