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Image result for take controlWHY DO YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR INDOOR AIR 

  1. You live in an enclosed home.
  2. Image result for trappedThe four walls of our homes with the roof and floor make a big box to shelter and protect us from the elements of heat, snow, rain and the dark nights. Modern architecture that has neglected ventilation outlets has made all our homes excellent traps for airborn
    e chemicals, gases, odor and particles. Numerous studies exist to prove that our dwellings contain air that is 5 times and sometimes even many times more polluted than the air outdoors. Many people feel noticeably healthier outside their home, a sure sign that the indoor air quality inside is compromised.
  3. You are pregnant.
  4. Preventing early chemical exposure is critical to the health of infants, even before birth. Yet to be born are already getting excessive exposure to many of the airborne pollutants around us. The amount of certain volatile organic compounds found around us in household products, wall paints and varnishes is simply unbelievable. This environmental exposure to chemicals, fumes and toxins are underlying causes for diseases as well. Keeping the air clean in your home will help alleviate these concerns and allow your children's respiratory systems to develop properly. At floor level, crawling babies inhale plenty of dust off the floor besides carpet fumes, molds, mildews, fungi, dust mites, and other particulates.
  5. You suffer from allergies.
  6. Image result for allergensAllergies are aggravated not only by airborne particles like dust, pollen, and dander, but also by airborne chemicals from cleaning products, flooring, and furniture. According to the 
    National Center for Health Statistics, as many as 70 million people have various allergies. Only high end air purifiers with HEPA filters, and many pounds of activated carbon can remove 99.97% of airborne particles and harmful airborne chemicals. .
  7. You are concerned about asthma, lung disease, bronchitis or other respiratory problems.
  8. If in a family, any member has a respiratory system that is compromised, indoor air that is at its cleanest is a "relief" that will help the asthmatic fro too many attacks. It is a known fact that children, stay home mothers and elders suffer from respiratory issue or even "asthma".. Asthma cases have doubled since the eighties while death rates have tripled. The installed air cleaning machine with a hepa filter, must be able to clear up to 99.97% of all allergens, while those with an an activated carbon filter will also help remove airborne chemicals, gases and odors which may aggravate or trigger an attack. 
  10. Dust and odors are no longer strangers in homes, offices, dormitories, and other building enclosures where people do get together. Even the cleanest premise can become potential breeding grounds for highly infectious bacteria. A hepa air purifier with an  included germicidal function will help you and family members or others around you to stay healthy. 
  11. Juniors and seniors have a reduced immune system.
  12. With the young, immune system is developing whereas with the seniors, their immune system is beginning to weaken. Both juniors and seniors are always susceptible to various ailments. A constant flow of clean air that is purified and sanitised helps to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and promote longevity by preventing illness.
  13. Stop being exposed to secondhand smoke.
  14. Smoking is a dangerous health hazard to both the smoker as well as those in the vicinity. Secondhand smoke also has damaging consequences. Smokers not only leave behind a terrible odour, but together with it almost 4000 chemical compounds and carcinogens. Smokers carry most of these chemicals on their clothing and bodies and spread them everywhere they go. Hepa based air purifiers with many activated carbon and smoke       filters can effectively trap these complex chemicals and odors.
  15. Your pets.
  16. A powerful air purifier should help remove airborne pet hair, dander and odor and help protect all at home from indoor air pollution and allergens. Children are naturally more susceptible to the effects of poor indoor air. They spend more time indoors and are also closer to the pets and floor where dust, toxins and airborne animal pollutes from the pets. 
  17. Indoor odour problems.
  18. Image result for odourSmoke and cooking odors are also common complaints. Sometimes in certain buildings the shared ventilation systems may add to incoming odour into homes. The ownership of 
    an air purifier can offer cleaner air within your home. This will help protect you, your family and  improve your home's livability.
  19. In your office.                                                                                          People are not aware that computers, printers, copiers, fax machines and many other office equipment give off varying levels of chemical fumes which can easily be inhaled. We spend the bulk of our waking hours at work and never know what kinds of pollutants we're exposed to while sitting at our desks. Poor indoor office air quality leads to poorer productivity, sickness, lethargy and an increase in medical bills. 
  20. In your home. 
  21. Home use equipment may have made living easier and less hectic, but they are the causes of our eroding health. Plastics, flame retardants, varnishing, wall paints, furniture coatings,  insecticides, cleaning detergents, personal hygiene products, and many more as aerosols are all off-gassing chemicals, fumes and toxins into the air in our homes.
   Many other reasons can be cited for the need for air purifiers.  
Image result for many more
  •         You live near a major road. 
  •            You live near the industrial sector. 
  •            You have a tight neighbour hood, 
  •            You have water damage or excessive humidity in your home. 
  •            You are moving into a new home. 
  •            You are renovating your existing home. 
  •            You have an attached garage. 
An air purifier is an essential in every home. We all occupy our bedrooms for 6 to 8 hours daily without fail. Children, seniors and the sick tend to be in their bedrooms for far longer hours every day.  
Do read and find out more about 
your bedroom status.

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