Thursday, February 7, 2019

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"My parents owned a#VIVENSO when I was a kid so I had never been in a home without one. My Mom still has the same #VIVENSO she got when my sister was born... 18 years ago. Five years ago when I moved out of my parents house to go to college I stared having allergy problems...which I have never had".. 

I didn't think anything of it until I moved back in with my parents my second year of college and my #allergy problems went away and then came back when I moved back out. They got even worst when I got my own cat. Growing up I had many cats and dogs (even a squirrel) and had never had such a hard time breathing. Every time I visit my parents house for an extended period of time I can breath... it is amazing!

VIVENSO does what it says, it can do. VIVENSO goes beyond just cleaning the floor. While a cleaning process is in place, be it the floor or the carpets, the #indoorair gets cleaned of its pollutes. My favorite part is that it cleans hard surfaces so well you can't feel any dirt on the floor at all! 

It even cleans up water on the floor! Where water has leaked in doors,VIVENSO helps 
suck up the water into the large capacity container. Do the same and draw out spills of drinks out of the carpet, from the floor or cushions.  

I will never own another vacuum in my life! My husband thinks I am crazy b
ecause he has never experienced the differences, the cleaning capacity, the multi functions and neither has he thought about the electric and bags economics and the durability. VIVENSO is amazing! What is the purpose of having a nice house if it isn't clean and you can't breath, clean air?

I will say that it is more time consuming than most vacuums (because you have to fill the tank with water and snap everything together) and it is a little
bulky. I don't even see these as draw backs because it works so well. It is really easy to put together." 

What it comes down to is you need this vacuum to live a healthier, happier VIVENSO. 
Kindly contact 016-3712762 for a complimentary no obligation demonstration of the VIVENSO machine. shares more.