Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Hydro cleaners are powerful.
What do hydro cleaners do? 

Image result for water tapHydro is water. Using water as the trap, dust, dirt and finer particulates on surfaces of furniture, fittings, fabric and including carpets as well...... get drawn by the cleaning machine using its power of suction, to be  trapped in water. 

What water would do any given surface as a cleaner is done in a reversed process. Surface is dry. Drawn dirt is trapped in water.

A basin holds 3 litres of water in a basin. Sitting atop is the machine. With its powerd motor, it draws the air in the room into the basin of water for a good  wash. The released air is pollutes and particulates free. Instead of filters, water is the medium that traps and removes air borne dust and pollutes from the air.

Image result for bedroomHaving this machine in operation for 20 - 30 minutes in a standard sized bedroom. would have had all the air given a good wash. Within that 30 minutes, all the air in a given standard bedroom has been drawn into the basin, water washed and released into the room again. WET DUST CANNOT FLY.

In enclosed rooms to be occupied by people, it is so easy and economical to remove air borne dust, pollutes, and other floating impurities into the basin and then to throw away the water. Water washed air is always clean and water washed air in the room for breathing. This is just like smelling the air after a downpour.

Image result for essential oil displayBesides cleaning the air, one can drop tow or three drops of preferred essential  oil into the basin of water while cleaning the air. You get the benefit of cleansed air to breathe with the required aromatherapy function as well. 

Similarly, should the need be there you could have the benefit of sanitising the indoor air while cleaning. You could have cleaned delivered with eucalyptus.  

With hydro cleaners, air flow is constant, air purifying and filtering is so much more economical (water compared to filters) and every time it is fresh clean water washed air. 

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