Sunday, February 10, 2019

AIR POLLUTION: Water Wash Your Indoor Air.


Air pollution must have commenced when humans first lit fire in caves. 

While at that time air pollution must have been limited to air space within the cave, today's story is different. 

Today, it is pollution within the bedroom, within the home,out there in the world around us, anywhere and everywhere.

Motor vehicles, ships, planes, industries, increased population; include war fare as well and many other factors that has worsened air pollution globally. 

Mention air pollution and immediately you get nods and agreement citing dust; carbon monoxide; smoke and fumes or foul odour. Global and environmental pollution is beyond our immediate control. It has to be an all of us effort to clean the outside world with law and enforcement put and practiced.

When a volcano erupts and we have tons of sulphur thrown into the air as very fine inhalable particles besides the fumes of sulphur, can we do anything? Nothing, but to wear masks and stay indoors. We await one or two heavy downpour to wash the air and enable us to breathe healthy.

Indoors! How good, bad or worse is the air within the homes we live and offices that we work in. The UGLY TRUTH is this. INDOOR POLLUTION is 5 to 7 times worse off than OUTDOOR POLLUTION. 

Image result for sick building syndromeHuman life in this modern world is as much as 90% of the day indoors.
Air pollution is so bad within buildings, that the term SICK BUILDING SYNDROME is phrased for occupants suffering a wide variety of ills and sicknesses. Poor air ventilation and literally nil air circulation has resulted in air within buildings as unsafe. Within buildings are trapped fumes of modern machinery; cigarette smoke; paint, varnish fumes; bacteria and microbes from air condition ducts; ill maintained vacuum cleaners; carpet dust; cleaning solutions, chemicals off waxes;aerosols of all kinds; body odour; exhaled carbon dioxide build up;formaldehyde off furniture and a multitude of other gases and chemicals, with some of them cited as cancer causing elements.  

We need to start indoors and do a complete clean up of the air we breathe.
TRY THIS: Leave a fairly large basin or a tub of 2 inches depth water in your bedroom over night. In the morning, look at what is afloat in that basin of water. You may need a powerful torch to see what that basin of water trapped as you slept through the night.

Image result for wash indoor airBedrooms have earned a new name as BADROOMS. Bedrooms are now considered the dirtiest worst place in anybody's house from both health and hygienic standpoint. If indoor air pollution is 5 to 7 times worse off than outdoor every pollution, bedroom air pollution is up to 5 times or more worse off than the indoor air. 

Use a hydro cleaner every night and water wash the air before bed time. Hydro cleaners help rinse all of the bedroom indoor air and remove all floating dust and pollutes in the air. You could when necessary sanitise your idoor air or even medicate. Wash the air before you sleep.

can learn how to keep the indoor air washed with water. This is a no obligation discussion, presentation and demonstration to illustrate what family members breathe indoors within their home and bedrooms. Know what needs doing. 
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