Saturday, March 16, 2019

The following information is about the new VIVENSO Model released in 2018. VIVENSO remains your best companion, as you go about all sorts of household chores. VIVENSO returns you your indoor life and living healthier than before.  

From personal experience, I can say that once somebody has chosen to own VIVENSO, one gets to comfortably use VIVENSO and operate all of the functions as illustrated and explained during a life demo. VIVENSO is well built and would serve and last many years beyond what you would typically get out of high end vacuums and air purifiers purchased at retail outlets. 

VIVENSO is a joy to use and is a very effective device. VIVENSO has the virtues that go beyond cleaning just floors and carpets. It is simply excellent when it comes to cleaning the air indoors, sanitising or medicating the air whenever necessary and affording you as a "bonus" the benefits of aromatherapy. 

The VIVENSO is quiet. The performance of the VIVENSO becomes obvious within minutes. The water in the basin becomes dirty, very quickly even when only the indoor air is being cleaned. The water loses its clear state, becomes cloudy and one sees, what is so clearly floating. You see what is afloat.  Just cleaning one cushion, two strokes on the carpet, two strokes on a curtain and a quick swipe off a piano key board, or a table top is enough to tell demo participants, the true indoor reality. Dirty water and a collection of hair (including pets fur) is the result within minutes. You can even deep clean an entire cushion or a pillow and rid the foul smell of sweat, saliva and odor in the inside.

The #VIVENSO is very well built.  The exterior casing and basin is made of special plastic. The hose is very flexible and its inside can be washed with water. It has no loose wires. VIVENSO comes to you with a full power head to vacuum off a mattress or other large piece of upholstered furniture. The VIVENSO lends itself well to folks with a performance so superior. Dirt is trapped in water and the soiled water is disposed off, dirt and all. When you put away the VIVENSO, you aren’t storing dirt in a bag in a closet, but a clean unit ready to go again with thefilling in of a little bit of water.

#VIVENSO never gets bogged or clogged.  While it is possible to get the water really very dirty prior to dumping it, you may wish to plan on dumping your dirty water and replacing it with clean water in the middle of your cleaning job. Clean up is so easy. Operations and maintenance is all quite painless and just getting use to. You would realize that you aren’t buying bags or air purifying filters for the next 20 to 25 years of #VIVENSO use at home and also that you are not storing dirt in the house as it usually happens between bag or filter changes.

The VIVENSO comes with a standard 18 feet electric cord and an 8 ft. hose. I’m just convinced and very pleased that my continuing working experience with the VIVENSO as a owner as well as serving and teaching customers over the years, to say that there is no regret with ownership of one or two VIVENSOS at home.

Would you like to see a complete VIVENSO Demonstration!

KUALA LUMPUR and SELANGOR residents can have a complimentary, no obligations opportunity to witness within their homes how conveniently air wash can be done for all the bedrooms and the house in total. 

Call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762.

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