Monday, April 1, 2019

Pro Aqua VIVENSO System. 

If YOU haven't seen a #VIVENSO demonstration,                            you are missing out.                                                                                        ⚫ Get to see the truth of your lived in indoor space of your home. It can be the living room, any of the bedrooms or even your study or home work station. 
Get to see the truth of your mattresses and the actual status. 
 Get to see how 2 litres water draws dirt out of so many surfaces without getting anything wet. 
Get to know VIVENSO and how amazingly an assortment of cleaning work about the house gets to be done. 
✹✹The #VIVENSO System is unique because it uses water to trap dirt vacuumed off surfaces. A reservoir containing about two litres of water sits beneath the patented "Separator", a device that agitates the water and traps dirt in it, effectively power-washing the air. Atop the Separator sits a powerful motor. The current VIVENSO model is accompanied with an assortment of accessories. Amongst the variety is the power-driven beater head called Electro Nozzle. This is amongst the favoured choice by all families, for its mattress beating,scrubbing cleaning and removal efficiency is par excellent.  

As an #air #purifier, 
use the low speed setting provided on the VIVENSO., Allow VIVENSO to keep the bedroom air cleaned through your sleep hours.

The water-washing air filtration system sucks dust, pollen, and even tiny mites out of the pillows, cushions, car seats, curtains, soft toys and more. 

Oil based essential oil as an additive into the basin of water,helps freshen and fragrance the air "naturally". You may want to on occasions need to sanitise the air and VIVENSO enbales so. What about that ancient practice of aromatherapy. With Vivenso and your desired essential oil, you can become relieved of stress, or improved for better appetite, or prepared for a good, deep and sound sleep.  

Image result for vivenso dusting tool
The dusting brush can be used on delicate china, lampshades, interior decorations, paintings, or even the family pet. Use the fabric brush tool with its shorter bristles on curtains, car seats, cushions and fabric items. The fabric brush tool can be removed to make the tool clean clean up wet spills off cushions, carpets, mattresses or even the floor. These and many more more make the VIVENSO uniquely versatile.

The VIVENSO System does an excellent job of trapping the dirt it picks up, and easy to dispose off. Product reviewers have been split on how well it picks up dirt for its price. VIVENSO System is rugged and reliable and actually ranks  among similar cleaning systems with fewest repairs. Proof of this statement is  the perfectly serviceable VIVENSO, which has grown to be of 26 years old in 2019.   

Consumer Reports rates the VIVENSO System among its top best choices for domestic and office cleaning. It notes that the VIVENSO system may be noisy when in its fullest blast for some of the functions, but does not sacrifice cleaning efficiency. Always commendable is the water-enabled versatility of the VIVENSO System and the assortment of functions that earn editor's choice awards over and over again.

A wonderful system that has become the centerpiece of a work of fiction. 

For an evening or weekend home demonstration of the VIVENSO System in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, 
call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762. 
All other states by arrangements.  

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