Saturday, November 10, 2018

#VIVENSO            ....... An Amazing Machine 

Here are some facts why owners have loved the VIVENSO which hails from Germany. 

The VIVENSO performs indoors, what Mother Nature does outdoors. 
Mother Nature uses water to keep the air in the outdoor environment, washed regularly with mist, dew and thunderstorms. 
#VIVENSO duplicates Mother nature indoors.  
  • We all know that "wet dust can't fly".  
  • When the air indoors is drawn into the basin of water in the VIVENSO machine, it hits the water. All of the dust content and other air borne pollutes gets trapped.

In doing so, we reduce the dust, pollutes and allergen content in the air. All dust is trapped and no pollutes or particulates escape VIVENSO.  

  • The VIVENSO total home cleaning system is a winner of many international awards.
  • VIVENSO has been certified by Home Appliances Manufacturers as an air cleaner cum air purifier that removes dust, allergens, smoke and other air borne pollutes and all forms of dirt and filth from the home and fittings. 
  • The VIVENSO is a multiple functions home use appliance and is a great  vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming fixtures, fittings and the floor, the indoor air gets cleaned at the same time. 
  • The VIVENSO as a complete home cleaning system not only vacuums many times better, but also can clean, purify, sanitize and medicate the air in the home.
  • The VIVENSO is an excellent mattress cleaner, drawing away from it the dust mites, dust mites droppings, pet furs, our dead skin cells and other pollutes. 
  • The Floor Tool is one of the many VIVENSO attachments with which one can sweep the house. Sweeping with VIVENSO reduces spill of air borne pollutes into the air. As and when necessary, use the VIVENSO attachments which provide for a  wide variety of functions, delivering different benefits.  

  • VIVENSO requires only three quarts of water, to do the sorts of cleaning as mentioned above. In comparison, water is less expensive than bags in vacuum cleaners. Also, the dirty water is disposed off every time, compared to vacuums with bags, which are not disposed off after each cleaning session. 
  • With VIVENSO, dust and dirt are emptied after each cleaning, while the dry type vacuums, dirt dust are stored in your closet for weeks or months on end in the bags or filters.

  • VIVENSO has a shelf life exceeding 25 years when well taken care of. 
A VIVENSO demonstration is available on request for families in Kuala Lumpur. Witness all of the above and get first hand exposure to the amazing VIVENSO
Families may call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762. 

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