Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sanitising and Improving 
INDOOR AIR with essential oils and aromatherapy.

When you walk into clinics, private or public hospitals, you get this peculiar smell in the air even step in. This certain smell may conjure an unsettled feeling on the visitors.  

This is an essential in hospital environments. It is a germicidal solution added into the hospital air cleaning system. It helps contain and kills air borne bacteria.......... a safety measure for the medical and administrative staff, for the visitors and also stay in patients. 

The solution contains spreading of bacteria and keeps people within the vicinity from any contagious ills or diseases. 

YOU can do the same at home with the amazing rainbow machine. You can include and diffuse the air with  l ESSENTIAL OILS. The use of ESSENTIAL OILS not only helps remove or mask the ‘Hospital smell’ a, but it can also reduce work stress and tensions.

Using ESSENTIAL OILS during air cleaning or air washing is actually a complimentary therapy.

With the Rainbow, you can bring about a stress free healthy environment for family members at home and for staff in the office. 

A home or office demo shows how to clean or wash the air and the way to sanitise or use essential oils. Kindly call 016-3712762 for a demo appointment. 

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