Monday, December 10, 2012


We like to think that because we keep the doors and windows closed, we are in control over the air within the home.

We like to think that by denying outside air in, we are healthier and much cleaner with our indoor style and life of living.
The truth is that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air and bedroom air is the worst. We do not realise that our homes (and offices) are actually sealed traps. Modern architecture has not allowed for sufficient ventilation. 
Our homes (and offices) are trappings of concentrated fumes off wall paints, off furniture varnishes, fumes and vapours off aerosols, insecticides, heat waves of our refrigerators and electrical appliances, trappings of gas off the kitchen stoves and the list goes on. Add to this volumes of dust, dust mites, mites feces and carcasses. What about the many smokers and their could not be bothered attitudes of indoor smoking?

  • Reduce the amount of visible and sweepable particles from entering the house, by having everyone take off their shoes at the entrance.  
  • Stop using the traditional cloth or paper bag based vacuum cleaners. They spill the finest dust back into the air via the exhaust. When bags are not disposed after each session, the spilled dust brings into the air, bred bacteria and foul odor as well.
  • Do not sweep the house. Use a mop or wet clothe to wipe the entire floor. Sweeping lifts dust off the floor into the air, that will land on furniture and shelves for even more cleaning hours and labour. Air borne dust gets inhaled. 
Reducing Summer Allergy Symptoms Indoors

  • Avoid using chemical based solutions to wash the floor, for they emit fumes and Volatile Organic Compounds.

    • Mattresses and pillows need to be sun dried and bedding sheets need to be washed weekly. Blankets, bed linen and the mattress are the largest collection base of our dead skin cells, dust, dust mites, mites dander and other pollutes. All these get air borne in the bedroom with each of our twists and turns in bed. You would not want to use all hours of your daily sleep, inhaling these air pollutes.

    • Your mattress is dirtier than you would have imagined. Try washing** it without getting it wet and see what comes off your mattress.
    • All sprays like hair sprays, cleaners, perfumes, insecticides etc are chemical based. They leave chemical gases afloat in the air, and often take time to become dilute. Use what you need outside of the bedroom, nearer a open window.
    • In sourcing furniture, home decorative and even the wall paint, seek that are natural and emit lesser toxins. Manufacturers are responding with healthier products for consumers. 
    • Have potted plants indoor. Every few days, rotate them by bringing these out and replacing with others. Plants filter air and it helps.
    • Open the windows early mornings when air is fresh or even after each rain. The air that comes in is cleaner. It will replace old depleted air from the inside. 
    **washing**. You can wash the air indoors. You can wash the mattress and furniture, cushions, carpets, electrical equipment and almost anything without getting them wet.

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