Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 DUST MITES FACTS.............

The least suspected, long term  bed time companion that we all have had since birth and we first  slept in mattresses and until last night at least are the invisible dust mites. 

An adult mattress can have up to 5 or 6 million of them, who are like hungry scavengers, feeding off all the dead skin cells that we deposit on the mattress every time we lie in. 

These microscopic creatures belong to the spider family with 8 legs. They are said to be blind, but have a voracious appetite for our dead skin sells that are so plentiful on our mattresses. 

These dust mites may be a blessing that they clear up our mattress which is filled with dead skin cells, that will rot and stink, besides staining the bed sheets. All that these dust mites feed become droppings. Each mite is said to have about 20 droppings daily and when we have millions of these mites, one can imagine the "tons" of droppings. These droppings are the number one cause of skin and respiratory allergies. Dust mites droppings are the number one amongst a list of all allergens and the major cause of allergy reactions at home. Dust mites remain the number one and persistent source of allergic attacks at home.  

Dust mites live and multiply in places where humans spend plenty of time. Sofas, cushions, mattresses and cars seats are a few to mention.They multiply fast and even a new mattress gets swarmed up to 5 million or dust mites within a few months of being slept in.

Dust mites are considered harmless, but their droppings trigger an array of reactions and allergies in people. Dust mites feed of the the skin flakes of human beings. Dandruff droppings are also a good feed. Our bed sweat provides the moisture, dust mites need for survival. 

Dust mites have been labelled as the cause for allergy attacks at home. Dust mites are also the cause of skin allergies and rashes and eczema. Dust mites get air borne with dust, whichis their means of moving around, settling and multiplying.

Mattresses must be beaten twice or more often weekly. Linen, blankets, bedsheets need weekly changing and washed in hot water. Beating the mattress helps remove  our dead skin cells, dust mites, mites droppings and all of the carcasses.  How can mattresses be beaten indoors, without having dust flying all over the insided of the house. Is it possible to be done hygienically, easily and without much mess. 

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