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 from Kathleen McIntee of Spokane, WA                                                              I have been using a Rexair (now Rainbow) for about 44 years. I will not use any other.

I was introduced to the Rexair by my landlord who offered me one to clean the cute garage apartment my husband and I first rented after our marriage and move to Tacoma, Washington. She had an antique one. When I got back to Louisiana I searched out a reconditioned one.

My husband and I had allergies and this was like injecting fresh air into your home. I could put aromas in the water and I never ever wanted to use anything else. My husband went to the Thrift stores and seeked out Rexairs that had been discarded and he rejunvenated them and gave them to our children to use as adults.

What an experience and what a great suggestion that kind person in Tacoma made to me in 1964.
from  Doug Helms of Trinity, NC
I have had my Rainbow E2 vacuum cleaner for over 5 years. It is the best vacuum system in the world.
It is the only vacuum that is a certified air purifier and is designed to run 24/7 on a lower speed to purify the air in the home. 

The unique difference is the water. All dirt and dust is trapped in a basin of water so that no debris can re-enter the home atmosphere. The machine is expensive but well worth it. I figured I will save about $4,000 over a period of 15 year by using the Rainbow over the Electrolux I was using. Buy it you will like it.
from Martie, Cadillac, Michigan
I bought my Rainbow 2 years ago. I was a person who swore I would never buy a Rainbow, I thought it would be a big pain with the water but after I seen the demo for it I could not say no.

I love the Rainbow e-series vacuum cleaner - my house has never felt cleaner. I use it to clean everything we even use it to air up air mattresses and beach toys. The uses for this vacuum are endless. Yes, the Rainbow may seem pricey and trust me it did to me too.

We are a one income family with 5 children, but it is a great investment and it will last for years to come.
My aunt has been using the same Rainbow for 15 years now and it still works great. I say buy it there is no better cleaning system out there!!!
from  Matt Henson, (Kennesaw, GA)
My wife and I purchased a Rainbow E2 a little over a month ago. We had an Oreck XL and a central vac- system in our house.

We were absolutely dead set on not buying one, we just agreed to a demo to get the free room purifier that she had been seeing at the vet. We have a cat and two kids. I have allergies, asthma and sleep apnea so I'm incredibly sensitive to dust and other allergens. 

After we saw what the Rainbow could do, we bought it. It was very expensive, but we looked at the total cost of owning one over a 20 year period. Her grandmother had one for over 30 years. No bags, plus the water catches all the dust. It's actually fun to empty the water and see the results of your labor!

I can even vacuum and it doesn't bother me because it's not kicking up anything. We vacuumed our beds and the water was grey from dust mites and skin cells... gross, we were sleeping in that. 
It's coming into allergy season now and I've never felt better. The air in our house feels clean and I'm thrilled. It's everything that the demo sales lady said it was. I highly recommend the Rainbow E2 system for allergy and asthma sufferers, pet owners, parents or anyone that just wants a really clean house.

Complimentary in-door air quality demos 
in Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor, Malaysia on 
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  2. Allow me to mention my contact email for who is interesting to own a Rainbow Cleaning system in Middle East Especially in Saudi Arabia, Demo is for free ..


    I live in Australia and purchased from EBay two Rainbow Rainmates from America. Now having big problems!

    USA version of Rainmate does not work with USA to AUSTRALIAN power adapter.

    I used a USA to Australian power adapters. All of good quality) which I use for my USA made security system.

    GUESS WHAT! Both motors burnt out on the air purifiers. Now I'm in dispute with the seller.

    Got adapters checked out by an electrician he said they were okay, Must be problem with electrics of the purifiers.

  4. Although I'm not criticizing the Australian version of Rainbow rainmate air purifiers. Its just that The American versions does not work in Australia. All sellers of the product on American EBay should be made aware of that problem. I'm now in dispute with seller and trying to get full refund from PayPal.

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