Friday, July 3, 2009


HOW IS YOUR #AIR #PURIFIER                                              ..........TREATING YOU? 

#AIRPURIFIERS were not a needed or wanted home item a decade or two ago. It may have been a must to own "medical equipment" like for some to meet that need for clean air to breathe.  

Today, air purifiers have become a standard home equipment at home, with the other electrical home appliances. Indoor air pollution is bad. There is a compelling need to own air purifiers. With air cleaners or purifiers for our lived in indoor space, we get to breathe cleaner air all the time. The filters trap the pollutes and contaminants or our lungs become the trappings for these contaminants. 

Call them as air cleaners or air purifiers. They clean the indoor air of its "debris". They help to purify the indoor air so that we may breathe air that is rid of or reduced of its various contaminants. The indoor air is filled with dust and particles of all sorts that are too minute to be seen by the naked eye. Examples of these contaminants include mold, bacteria, germs and the like which can be sources of allergies, asthma or diseases in our respiratory tract. 

That is why it is best to equip our homes with air cleaners and purifiers for breathable air that is free from contaminants and toxic substances. We have to improve the quality of the air that we breathe. Have the contaminants captured. Secondly, we get rid of bad smell or odour in the air due to tobacco smoke or molds. Thirdly, we get to breathe air that is freed of germs and microbial, provided that the air cleaner can includes an air sanitise function. .
Be very choosy about air cleaners and air purifiers.
Here are some helpful tips that you can use when it comes to buying an air purifier. There are several types of air purifiers. Tailor your purchase to the needs. 

★ Know why do you need an air purifier? What is the specific reason?   
★ Where do you want to place it and why?
★ You may want to know the unit service and maintenance frequency? Know the  charges that come along with it. What would be the day to day maintenance cost?
★ Some units ask for fixed frequency month and date schedule work, parts changes, replacement and such other needs. 
★ Has the unit a HEPA filter. It must be HEPA (high efficiency particulate  
    air) filter. Units which say HEPA-like filters must be avoided. They are not  
★ Know the size and its capacity for clean air delivery rate (CADR)?
   CADR is to mean the purifier’s ability to remove pollutants from specific         
   amount of air.
★ What is the total cubic area to be purified? Manufacturers do list the total area      that the air purifier works per hour. “While buying a purifier, you have to halve      the area and see whether it suits your need. 
★ Check the noise level. 
★ Check the fan speeds. 
★ Think about spares, service and replacement parts. 
★ When you get the unit, run it on high speed for all of the area within that space to go through the system 4, 5 or 6 times. 
★ Clean the filter often. 

When you finally own one, do use it. Get one for each bedroom. Ensure that the filters are regularly cleansed or changed. 


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