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Media reports and all the talk and views are abound about the quality of the air we breathe.  The worry is both about the outdoor air as well as the indoor air. The air within home has become worse off than the outdoor air. What then becomes of children and adults.  

Some people remain unaffected by air pollution, but again how long could this be said of them? Many others suffer mild or serious health problems as a result. The problems are of all sorts ranging from sinus, respiratory disorders, light head, teary eyes, sore throat, skin rashes, heart attacks, miscarriages and the list seems to be endless. 

Getting good indoor air quality may be easy. You need to think of ways. You need to know the types of indoor air pollutes to checkmate and control the sources of pollution. Ventilating needs to be checked and upgraded. 

Control at source of #air #pollution can be an effective strategy and cost effective as well. Are there combustion and other appliances at home that are the source and cause of indoor air pollution?  Especially so at the kitchen or at the fire place or even with lighting scenarios. Where kerosene and gas space heaters, wood stoves, fire places and gas stoves are used, indoor pollutes abound the air. Very fine particulates as they are called, not visible to the eye but plenty amidst the people. 

There are home use devices that can read percentages of air pollution. Other sources are carpets, used paint types, fumes off furniture, usage of aerosols, and more that release potentially harmful chemicals. Always ask about the chemicals used in these home use products and materials.
Image result for ventilation#Ventilation is another solution. It is also inexpensive. Proper or adequate ventilation decreases indoor air quality pollutes and related problems. Natural ventilation literally costs nothing. Open doors and windows. These help air flow inwards, outwards and a fair exchange. Exhaust fans in kitchens,  bathrooms, dining area and wherever they suit help draw out the air from home and into the open. Increased ventilation, reduces pollution. Install if necessary ventilation systems, many ceiling fans and if possible attic fans as well, to improve airflow and air exchange.
Air cleaners purify air. Air conditioners cool the inside. These units have filters that need to be replaced, or cleaned weekly. Each time of use is a tremendous of air through the units. Are they clean on the inside or is air leaving the units with bred bacteria from the unkempt inside. Are the units of good size and capacity for the area volume they are installed in. 
Image result for call usUsing an analytical look, and combining the suggested above, ventilation improves. 

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